TOP Crosswind Landing at Madeira Airport #shorts


Beautiful Madeira Airport Crosswind Landing, Transavia Boeing 737 in a Youtube Shorts video!

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Transavia flight TO3458 from Porto – Boeing 737-800 – F-GZHC

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Madeira Airport Spotting
#TOP #Crosswind #Landing #Madeira #Airport #shorts

You are reading post: TOP Crosswind Landing at Madeira Airport #shorts


  1. The pilot likely fancy to have some kind of challenge a bit like Ayrton Senna driving in heavy rain Formula one Grand Prix !!

  2. Зачем.нужна..лишини.рискават.жизини…ето..рисуют.ето..апасно…ушо..самалиюот..ушто.такою.мног..лудею..можты.ето.опасно..жизни…


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